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The Motorsport UK website contains a directory of all the clubs in the country, a classified section, any forms you may need to download and more.

The Lincoln Motor Club put several events on throughout the year, including the Bloodhound and the Bruce Robinson. They also put on a season of 12 cars each year.

The ANEMMC is the Association of North East Midlands. There are 40 clubs in the association. The association has a few thriving championships which include various different events.

The Lincs Louth Motor Club have a large classic car section along with a night rally section. They put on a successful classic car run that starts from Louth. The club helps to provide a 12 car season with us.

Carlton & District Motor Club ltd was formed in 1963 and is a MSA Recognised Club for the promotion of Motorsport. Having around eighty or so members, we have a proud record of encouraging new participants to the sport.

The Last Minute Rallying crew are all about night rallying and 12 cars. They put a night rally on, the Lincolnshire, they are out all over the country competing on night rallies and help put a 12 car season on with us. (The ‘Give it Death’ crews)

The Grimsby Motor Club put on a stage rally with Lincoln Motor Club every year, the Bloodhound and they put autotests and 12 cars on throughout the year.

On Your Marques, a Model car centre at Mumby near Alford.  They have a very good model car museum with a slotcar track.  Every year we do our presentation of the Inter club challenge award, along with a little inter club challenge on the slotcar track.

Welcome to TMS Motorsport, you may also know us as The Moff Shop which is what the 'TMS' stands for. We have been part of the Motorsport, Tuning, Racing, Drag Racing, Rallying and Drifting world since 2003, where our knowledge and passion has grown over the years. Not to be confused with Moff Motors or Grand Moff Tarkin from Star wars !
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