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Mermaid Classic Car Run
Sunday July 3rd 2022
Contact Simon Ryder for Regs and Entry Form.

Why Mermaid Classic.
Well just look at our logo! What a classic! It could almost be the emblem on the front of a classic car! This event is the chance to ride on the crest of a wave of nostalgia and get hose classic cars out there where they belong - on the road and being used.

Type of event

The Mermaid Classic is run under a “Certificate of Exemption” permit from the MSA . It is non-competitive and open to anyone who wishes to take part. Priority is given to classic car entrants but there is no 'snobbery' surrounding what is and what is not a classic car. If you enjoy your car, and wish to join in this relaxed, 'grand day out' we will welcome you. After a brief car and insurance check at the start venue, you will be issued with a number and a 'tulip' diagram roadbook (tulip comes from the rally that first used this method of describing routes) that will take you via some of the most scenic parts of the Lincolnshire countryside to a lunch halt and on to the finish and afternoon tea. Total mileage is approximately 120 miles. After a short briefing, cars leave at minute intervals at 10am onwards so that they are reasonably spread out.

The lunch stop for approximately one hour is usually taken where there is access to toilet facilities and a shop of some sort. This is a chance to get out the picnic basket and socialise with other classic car owners or even get the polish out!
At the end of the run, we aim to display the cars for others to enjoy while all of us enjoy tea and cake. All those that complete the run go home with a finisher's trophy.
Additionally, we run two 'mildly competitive' sections that are not compulsory. These are the 'Economy Run' and 'The Car I Most Want To Take Home With Me'

The Car I Most Want To Take Home With Me
This is just as its name suggests. You have an opportunity to look at all the cars on the run - and vote for your favourite. Unless the winning car is your own, I bet you are not going to take it home with you!

We normally keep the route a surprise for entrants, but the start, lunch and tea halts will be published on this site. Come along and have a look at the cars and talk to their owners.

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