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An Example of Navigational Rally Instructions

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Novice.12 Car
Mablethorpe DMC Navigational Rally
The correct route is the shortest possible route between the given instructions. Navigational instructions will be handed out at each control that you will need to read through carefully and follow. All mileages are deemed correct and are not subject to protest.
The entire route will be on map 122 Edition C2. The following acronyms will useful for tonight's 12 car:
CRO - Coloured roads only
ARC - All roads count
LWRGT - long way round grass triangle
TC - Time Control
CB - Code Board
SH - Spotheight (the numbers on the map with a dot on the road)
GS - Grid square
Codeboards will be on the correct route. The codeboards are to be entered in the corresponding boxes chronologically throughout the event. An incorrect codeboard will carry a penalty of 5 minutes. Please write down codeboards clearly and ccurately, i.e. the letter Z and No.2, letter S and No.5 etc. any doubts when tallying the results will result in a 1 minute penalty per letter wrong to the max of 5 minutes.
It is up to the competitors to ensure that all the codeboards have been signed for by the marshal. i.e., having passed a codeboard it must be signed for at the next control
Failure to visit a time control or approaching a control from the wrong direction will carry a penalty of 1 fail.

Arriving at a time control early will carry a penalty of 2 minutes per minute early. Arriving late will carry a penalty of 1 minute per minute late. Missing a codeboard will incur a penalty of 5 minutes. Secret checks may be established to ensure compliance with route instructions, time schedule and maps. You will be given a time here to be used only in the event of a tie.
Maximum lateness at all controls is 20 minutes. All times given at standard controls will be on production of timecard. You may wait for your time without penalty in all standard sections, Please note that the event will be timed at 25mph, so you should have plenty of time to work out the navigation.
The ¾ rule applies, i.e., on a 12-minute section you can make up ¼ time, which is 3 minutes, Time recovery is only to be used when running late, do not book in before your correct due time. Maximum "make-up" time is indicated on the timecard. Your OTL time is shaded on the timecard. 2/3 of the controls including both Main lime Controls MUST be visited to be classified as a finisher. In the event of a tie, then results shall be decided by furthest cleanest or, if not possible, then the lowest engine capacity. You will be given the location of the controls on each handout, so if you are struggling, please don't go OTL, cut the route and make it to the next control within your time.
Please note:
All 30mph and 40mph statutory speed limits are deemed quiet zones for the extent of the area within the limit signs. This means you should proceed within the speed limit imposed, as quietly as possible and without the use of auxiliary lighting except as permitted by law in the case of fog or driving snow. A DSO (Driving Standards Observer) may monitor some of these "Quiet Zones". Additional quiets may be used during the event. A "Q" board will denote these areas. A penalty will be imposed on anyone reported to the Clerk of the Course bythe DSO.
GS3985, GS3986, GS3987, cS2976, GS4179, GS4178, GS448O, GS4575, GS4475.
Please plot the following locations:
MTCI 39508705, PCH LWRGT 309764, TC4 30057485, MTCT 43707905,
If you're running late or struggling, use the above information to get round to the finish. IF you are still struggling, please call me on O7825 750277. Just try and stay within OTL. Hand in your timecard at MTC2.
The finish venue is located at Woodthorpe Country Inn (445802). Please find a sensible place to park and wait inside for the announcement of the results.
Please remember that this is a navigational rally NOT a stage rally! Please respect and, be courteous to other road users.
Again, if there are any troubles or difficulties, ring myself (Beth) on 07825 75A277 or if you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the organisers or the marshals and we will do our best to explain.
Finally, thanks to the marshals for coming out tonight and have a fun and safe nights rallying.

MTC1 (395087051 to TC2 (3748551 26 minutes CRO
Go via the following grid references in order, to reach TC2. Remember, to do grid references, you must go along the corridor and up the stairs. Please use the roma provided to complete the grid references. First find the grid square as follows:
398868, then put your roma at the bottom left of the square. Then count along 8 and count up 8. Remember, you're using coloured roads only – so you can discount any white roads.
A) 398858
B) 40s854
C) 4188se
D) 435886
E) 427890
F) 40108795 (take care - this 8 figure reference just means that you need to count 1 across and 9 and a half up!)
G) 379868
H) 3748ss
You will find codeboards on the way - PCs A, B & C.
TC2 (3748551 to TC3 (307582301 Z0 minutes CRO
Go via the following tulips to reach TC3. You always start from the dot, enter the junction and leave via the arrow. The tulips will also be the same way up as the junctions are on the map (i.e., they've not been turned around.

You will find 2 codeboards on the way - PCs D & E

TC3 (307582301 to TC4 (300574851) l8 minutes CRO
Cross the following grid lines in order, to reach TC4. Remember, you have to cross the grid lines on the road. If you feel able to, perhaps plot the first few whilst parked up on the side of the road & then see if you can plot the rest of them whilst you start driving the route. Don't let yourself get confused though!
(3 82 (almost at the same time)) 29 28 28 (be careful, this might be confusing, but it means you go across grid line 28 once, and then back over it) 81
80 (this is ambiguous, you need to look at the next number to confirm the correct route)
29 79 78 30 77 76 30 (though Belchford) 75

30 TC4
You will find codeboards on the correct route: PCs F, G & H.(LWRGT)
TC4 (30057485) to TC5 (3917291)  21 minutes  CRO
Go via the following herringbone to reach TC5. Again, you start from the dot and go via the arrow. lf there is a "bone" to the left of the herringbone, it means you need to either miss a road on the left, or take a road on the right, or go right at a junction (depending on the context of the map). Use the points of interest indication to help you plot the correct route.

You will find 3 codeboards on the correct route - PCs l, J & K.

TC5 (391729) to TC6 (478733) 18 minutes CRO
Avoid the following points of interest in order to reach TC5. I would scribble out the whole road between junctions of where each avoiding characteristic is located. This should then reveal the only route through to TC6.
SH (spotheight) 103          SH96          A1104          SH74 (In Ulceby)
SH94 (Near Fordington)          SH78          SH31          SH44 (Skendleby)
GR (Grid Reference) 435714          SH58          Claxby Ho
SH9 (Between Wellbeck Farm & Mawthorpe)          GR4727L7          SH3
You will find codeboards on the way - PCs l. M & N.
TC6 (478733) to MTC7 (43707905) 21 minutes CRO
Go via the following grid squares (follow the highlighted route). They appear out of order, but are labelled in alphabetical order, so you will need to search for the next chronological letter to find the correct square. Again, the grid squares are the same way up as they are on the map, so you should be able to find your way.

Map images above © Ordnance Survey

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